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    Search and compare in excel

    In an Excel spreadsheet, I want to search for multiple matches based upon the entry in a cell. That is...

    Col A Col B Col C
    x x 1
    y y ...
  2. If I set it up as Kiosk, will the user still be...

    If I set it up as Kiosk, will the user still be able to move from slide to slide using my buttons with hyperlinks attached? I thought that in the Kiosk setting, the slides just continually ran.
  3. How to disable user movement from slide in PowerPoint

    I want to build an interactive PowerPoint presentation in which I use buttons/hyperlinks to let the user move to the appropriate "next" slide. I want to disable the user's ability to go to the next...
  4. if statement in excel macro not working correctly

    I tried to insert the following code into an Excel macro

    If Range("m1") = "" Then
    MsgBox ("Number of Units is blank")
    End If

    I am doing something wrong, because I get the...
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    If I said DUH, you would understand? Thank you...

    If I said DUH, you would understand? Thank you for the reply. Actually, in practice, I will nest the if statement you suggest inside another if that says if the test cell is null, to leave the...
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    Default values in an Escel spreadsheet

    I am used to doing this in Access but don't see how to do it in Excel. And, of course, nothing is easy to find any more in the 2007 version of the program.

    I want the a cell in a row to auto...
  7. Cell references within VBA in an Excel macro

    In a macro in Excel I want to refer to a cell where the user entered a number. I want that number to be the row number for the macro to move to. (I will then select the entire row and copy it to...
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    Well, your great answer sure makes me feel stupid...

    Well, your great answer sure makes me feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. Thank you very much.
  9. Yes, I know that part and I can in fact see the...

    Yes, I know that part and I can in fact see the picture I want.

    What I am asking is where that picture file is stored so that I can export it to another program.

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    Autonumber fields in Access 2007

    In Access 2007, when I create a new table, it defaults to an ID field that is autonumber. That is great and works as expected. When I create another field within the same table and want it to also...
  11. How to prevent PowerPoint slide show viewers from editing the show

    I have a powerpoint presentation with custom animation (pictures fading in automatically and music playing in the background) that I want to sent to people as a Slide Show to view but NOT allow them...
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    Remove PowerPoint sound megaphone display

    I have a powerpoint presentation with music running in the background. In custom animation there is a setting to tell PowerPoint not to show the little megaphone when sound is not playing. I cannot...
  13. Where MS PowerPoint stores picture bullet points

    I have a PowerPoint presentation that someone else created and it uses a specific picture as the bullet point. I need to find the picture, the actual picture file, and have no idea where the folder...
  14. Adding a custom footer style/template to drop down list

    Word 2007 has a series of customized footer styles, or templates, or whatever their term is, that appear in a drop down box when you click on the footer icon in the ribbon. Is there a way to add a...
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    Customized footer style in Word 2007

    Word 2007 has a series of customized footer styles when you select to insert a footer. The 3rd one down, title alphabet, has a horizontal double line of sorts.

    My question is two-fold. First,...
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    Revising editable areas in a template

    Once I begin setting editable areas, there are times when I may want to again make that area not editable or slightly change the area that is editable. I do not see how to do that. I see the...
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