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    For DrBill please

    I am 140 lbs and 34. I had 3 shots of rumplemintz at 1245 on Saturday, then lunch w club soda. At 4 I had 2 more shots of rumplemintz. At 730 my bac was at .067 I had a surprise EtG on Monday at...
  2. Question: EtG question

    by sunshine9

    EtG question

    I had 3 100 proof shots around 1245 pm then 2 100 proof shots around 4pm after having lunch. I have not had anything since then. I have been asked to do an EtG, how long until the test result will...
  3. Thank you DrBill. I appreciate your quick...

    Thank you DrBill. I appreciate your quick response.. I will try and remember to post the results tomorrow after I find out.

    Again thank you very much :-)
  4. Will I test positive after 90 hours on an etg/ets

    DrBill, I am a 5'4 130 lbs female. I had 3 shots and a 16oz beer on a Saturday night at my christmas party starting at 5 and ended at 9 along with a steak dinner( not sure if that matters). I had...
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