We went to a national park the other day, and my daughter caught two little tadpoles. She has them in a little bug catcher tank, with a lid. We ended up bringing them home, thought it would be very neat to see them grow into frogs.

Well, now that we have them, I'm researching what they eat, if I can put them in a bigger tank, etc. etc.

I've found a few sites, all say to feed them lettuce. One site said fish food is okay, which I have, so that would definitely be easier than boiling lettuce every day.

The site also said to used distilled water for their tank (right now they're in the water from the lake we caught them in).

Has anyone every raised tadpoles? If so, what did you do? Any advice on how to keep these little critters?

Oh, before anyone asks, we plan to bring them back to the park when they're grown, not that the park needs more frogs, you can't take a step without seeing a frog jumping in the grass. :)