My best friend likes me and I've known him for 5 yrs. One time we were having a conversation and he asks if there's a possibility of us ever happening and I said yes but with uncertainty.or I would say yes and no. and he knew how indecisive I was but not the reasons so I told him. I told him that I'm christian and I was looking for a guy of my similar faith because it's a big part of who I am and I know that if I am in a serious relationship with someone with a different religious background than it would cause problems in the relationship. He says that he's catholic but that he's willing to support me and my religion. Thing is I feel that he's just doing it because he likes me and wants me happy but if you are going to follow a religion just for me then isn't that wrong? Shouldn't you follow a religion for yourself and because you want to? Its great that he's supportive but I want to be in a long term relationship and I know that eventually its going to bother me and there's going to be conflicts. What can you guys suggest?