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  • Oct 10, 2013, 12:41 PM
    Left my girlfriend, want her back. Can't until she sees things clearly.
    Made a mistake of breaking up with my girlfriend. I'm 24 she is 34, age does not affect me and her. I left because she was pushing herself away because she is jaded from past experience. I've been working through this for some time now, I love her more than anything. With her everything is black an white. I find love and relationships to be a grey area. She backed peddled once she realized that I was getting in her heart and she was happy.

    I've told her before that we need to fix some things about us an that I'm totally willing to do this. She is so convinced that she is never going to be happy. I've already broken through to her, why is she not willing to change? Not change per say but actually enjoy me and her. Her past is doing this because life experience has taught her this. I've come from a rough background so I can relate, but I never let that stop me. So I had to leave her for her to see that. I did not want to and I told her this. I told her that I want us to work, but she just keeps thinking like everything is black and white. So when I left I told her I will not contact you in anyway shape or form, you need space and time to see things clearly. She has told me she is in love with me, but her mind is so closed off. I reopened it an she is scared to feel again. I admit and owned my mistakes and told her this, but she refuses to own hers. She said it doesn't have to be over, but I can't go back until she sees that I'm serious about me and her. I'm giving her all the time and space she needs. Today makes day one of no contact, it sucks but I must do this.

    Am I wrong for my way of handling this after I did have heart to heart conversations with her? If possible what do you think about this?Please give me something to think about advice wise. I feel right about my decision, but it is a difficult road for me. Thank you for
    Taking the time to read this.
  • Oct 10, 2013, 12:58 PM

    After ending a long term relationship, and two rebounds, take a break and just date and have fun. NO commitments. Relax. You must being moving to fast.

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