We started talking regularly again about 2 months ago. I was involved in a very bad accident, and was hospitalized and in a coma. My sister text messaged everybody in my phone to inform them of my status and the Ex's number was still in there. When I came to she was one of the first people to call me. Previous to that we had not had any real contact for about 5 months.

That night we talked for nearly 4 hours and she told me that she loves me and has been crying all the time knowing that I could have died. She apologized for being cold towards me etc. We have been communicating almost daily since until about 2 weeks ago. She started ignoring me once again and sent me a disturbing text message.

Prior to her last text, I sent her a picture of myself and some friends tailgating at a Football game (2 weeks ago). She called twice that week but I did not answer because I was busy. That was the last time she tried to call me until yesterday.

I told her I was going to be in her town to watch a football game with friends and I asked her if we could have lunch or something. She sent me back a text message said: I have a boyfriend, and he knows about or past. I want to keep it that way. I sent her one asking her what that meant and the last text said: Things have changed and we've moved on.

Do you think she felt guilty and contacted me to clear her conscience once she found out about my accident?

Her boyfriend was not at all happy about her talking to me. Do you think he told her not to speak to me anymore or it was over?

Could it be another cycle in the bipolar( she is and stopped taking meds about 8 months ago) going from depressed to manic? Now that she is out of the depression mode and in manic mode she does not "need me and miss me" because she is on top of the world?

She always used to say that she never had anyone treat her like I did and sometimes I think her feelings for me would scare her. She often told me this when I asked why she was pushing me away. I often heard statements like "what do you see in me" " I don't deserve you" "I wish I was what you needed" etc.

Don't know what to think. Maybe they were going through tough times together and she was using me as a safety net. When things got better between them she didn't need my anymore. She never did talk about their relationship with me.

Here's the deal. Its not like I am putting my life on hold for her. It just sucks because we could have had something that was awesome if she just put a little bit of effort into it. Now curiousity has the best of me, and I want to see what all of you guys think.