To avoid emotional content, just read the question in 'blue' below.

I recently vacated an apartment in Round Rock. We scheduled the and executed our final walk-through with a property representative and there weren't any documented damages. We handed in our keys and left the property quite happy having had a reasonable yet expensive experience.

About two weeks later, we get a bill in the mail for carpet cleaning charges. They were kind enough to include a copy of the cleaning 'estimate' for which they are billing us in total for. The estimate said, 'Heavy blue stains, 90% chance they will come out: $45.00', and high-traffic pre-treat $35.00, along with about 4 other lesser fees. They also added in the water bill estimate and final water bill which the highest we have ever paid. Not to mention the time between our last water bill and our vacate date was 7 days. So we were being charged for [9/24 - 10/24 --> $30.35], and [10/24 - 10/31 --> $37.10 :mad: ].

Here is my question: When does the final release from contract occur? When I hand in my keys? Or am I still liable?

Here is what I feel that I should be able to do:

1. Write a letter advising them that we are no longer tenants and are under no contract to pay carpet cleaning estimates.

2. Please provide detailed itemized bill(s) for the water estimates that you are requesting for us to pay.