I have Section 8 tenants in Florida that contract expired on June 30, 2009.

Tenant moved in June 1, 2009 after Section 8 inspectors passed the property on June 1st. Section 8 paid their portion for 1 month and so did tenant.

Two weeks later tenants reported to Section 8 additional (minor) repairs needed, which they didn't notify me or give me any time to fix, and Section 8 sent different inspector, which failed property. After failure to make these tenants happy and tenants confrontational attitudes, tenant and I mutually agreed to terminate Section 8 contract and tenant was to move out June 30th.

Tenant could not move into their new place until August 1st, so tenant requested one more month (July). Section 8 caseworker told me it would be okay and that Section 8 would pay one more month as long as they received a letter from both tenant and landlord stating that we both agreed to mutual move out date by July 31st. We both sent in letters to Section 8 with this agreement. After 10 days (now July 15th--two weeks into the month) Section 8 stated that they would not pay for July because property had failed inspection, which they should have known prior to making this one month agreement. I believe we had a verbal contract at the very least.

Now tenant is still living in my property (August 6th) with no contract and neither Section 8 nor tenant has paid any rent since June. Tenant refuses to speak with me and Section 8 tells me it's my problem now. The property has been completely destroyed. Tenant ran a mechanic shop from property and it now looks like a junk yard. I'm filing for Loan Modification since I can't afford the home now.

Three questions:
1. What can I do to get my property back and evict?
2. How can I recover damages from tenant AND Section 8 since there is no written contract with anyone now?
3. Can I shut power off now since there is no contract?