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    Apr 9, 2007, 09:36 AM
    Renter forced to move
    My daughter bought a mobile home from a man & rents his lot. (The lease agreement is in my name.) He decided to sell the property. I was given a 30 day notice, HAND WRITTEN. We are trying to get things in order to do so, but it takes time to buy property, get everything inspected, sewer, ETC. This has taken a financial toll on our whole family. Easter Sunday, about 10 days into the 30day notice, the renter visited my home,
    Demanding the rental money and giving me a new notice that said be off property in 10 days. I did NOT give him the rent because we aren't eating to pay for moving the mobile home. He said he will sue me in court for the $138.50 AND cut off the water (which he furnishes) in 10 days. My daughter has 2 babies. My Question: Is this man operating within his legal bounds?

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