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  • Sep 20, 2019, 03:46 PM
    Liens on contractor
    How to put a lien on a contractor for work not completed correctly?
  • Sep 21, 2019, 05:17 AM
    If you're the property owner, the usual procedure is to withhold final payment until the terms of the contact are complete, or to hire another contractor to finish the work and deduct that cost from the final payment. There are notification requirements and what not for this procedure based on state and sometimes city laws.

    If you are a subcontractor, you may be able to file a lein against the contactor, however it is variable by state.

    Some states require a written contact or 90 day limitations or even for you to file against the property owner.

    The general procedure is to submit a non-payment to the local circuit court or recorders' office. Period for contest, judgement, and then lein processing.

    What state and/or city are you looking to file? Can you provide further details of your issue?

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