I have had the worse luck for as long as I can remember.(bad luck isn't even the word) Absolutely everyone in my family is messed up to the point where I had to disown all of them to ever have a normal life. So I left home when I was 15, I've always tried and tried and been a very strong person. But literally EVERYTHING go's wrong, almost every friend I ever had stole from me or did something otherwise horrible. Every boyfriend I have has cheated. I got hit by a car, then run over by the same car in the same day(and barely lived) I have broke every bone practically in my body in freak accidents that just don't happen to other people on a daily basis like they do with me. If you knew me your first impression would be that I'm very friendly and nice. But for some reason every new person I meet, gets really close at first then out of knowwhere hates me and won't go near me! Ive never held a job because they just let me go for no apparent reason! After like a week! Im always on time, and the least confrontational person you'd ever meet. Those that DO know me good , also really think there's a curse on me(even people that don't believe in this stuff at all, believe its true for me!) they honestly can't see what I'm doing to attract all this negativity towards me. Despite all the bad luck I really try to lead an honest good life, I'm always the first to help someone in crisis. Yet my life is always in a disaster state. Ive lived a lot of places and went to a few phycics that wernt associated with each other at all. And they ALL said I have a curse on me that gives me a bad aura. And makes people do bad things to me and makes other bad things happen. 2 phycics mentioned that they believe someone put the "evil eye" curse on me when I was a young teen ager. I don't know much about this. But I need to get rid of it! I'm only 25, and I need all the bad things to stop happening. Ive also went to counselors because of all the stuff that is always happening, and I asked for phycological evaluations from numerous shrinks, and I am completely mentally sound, so I'm not imagining it, I have bad luck, a curse or something! If someone has any information on how to get rid of this or knows how the "evil eye" got put on me and how to get rid of it... please help... any info on getting rid of a bad aura or a bad curse would really help! Thanks