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  • Oct 2, 2007, 07:26 PM

    letmetellu disagrees: George went to war using the information that he received from the adminastration before him, he had not had time to collect his own information about the weapons of mass destruction that were rumored.

    You disagree with me??

    I made NO reference to Iraq or the war.

    What I said was….

    George Bush became the President in January of 2001. 9/11 occurred in September of 2001. It was not in any “exchange”. Bush had been the President for about 8 months when the terrorist attacks happened.

    I don’t believe anyone can pick Bush or even Clinton for that matter as the greatest or worst President in history because not enough time has passed to properly sit back and reflect on what they have done.

    The first paragraph dealt with responding to a post that said “Since he has been in control, there has been no terrorist attacks. 9/11 happened during the exchange.”

    The second was saying that ANY recent President should not be eligible for best or worst list (including Clinton).

    So I would love to know why the heck you are disagreeing with me?

    Perhaps I should go to one of yours posts where you said something about A and then criticize you for saying B, while in fact you never said B, you said A.

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