Water heater problem. The T&P valve is leaking. It might go 2 weeks and then BAM... water on the floor. I have a thermal expansion tank installed. I replaced the T&P valve, but it still randomly leaks. The water pressure is 80 PSI. The temperature is set at 120 degrees. I checked both thermostats and they appear to be working correctly (electric water heater). I have NO idea what could be causing the problem. I was looking for information about the thermal expansion tanks (TET). They say that it comes pre-charged to 40 psi. When I have the water turned on, the TET is 76psi. If I turn off the cold water intake, and open the hot water faucets until they stop running (so the system is "open") the TET reads 8.5 psi. Is this normal? Any idea what could be wrong?