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  • Apr 15, 2006, 08:17 PM
    Shower leaking (shower drain pipe?)
    Hi, I will apologize up front for my lack of knowledge in plumbing... but I know enough that I believe that I can fix this problem without having to add on the expense of calling a plumber.

    I noticed that there were a lot of ants coming into our bathroom. After laying traps and having no success for a week or so, I started tracking them down. It turns out under the molding next to the shower there was significant water damage to the sheetrock below the molding and the insulation inside the wall.

    We bought the house in November '05, and the home inspection noted that there was a shower drain leak, which I had assumed had been fixed. Not the case, apparently. It is a first floor shower, and below is a crawl space. The shower has fiberglass flooring and tile walls. I can get to the pipes below and behind the shower with little problem.

    So, what do I need to do to attempt to fix this? Where to begin, what to look for, how big a job would it be for a novice?
    Thanks for your help!
  • Apr 15, 2006, 08:57 PM
    First you should Check the grout in all of the spaces between the tiles. If you have soap dishes or any thing else int the walls of the shower that could leak you need to check them for gaps in the caulking. Look at he faucet where it comes through the tile to see if water could get behind them. You didn't mention if you had a shower door or if you used a shower curtin, if you have a shower door run the show so that it hits the door and use a flashlight to look for a small rivulet of water running down the tile under the door. If you use a curtin make sure that water is not getting around the curtin either at the fromt or back of the tub.

    When you know where the water is coming from then you have an idea of what the solution might be.

    I would also cll an exterminater, it is very possible that the ants you see are sactually termites, they are very fond of moist dark places, and some of the dmage you see could be form them.
  • Apr 16, 2006, 06:00 PM
    Thanks for the help! We will certainly check out the caulking.

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