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  • Jul 23, 2006, 01:33 PM
    Pipe added to shower drain?
    Hi. This is my preliminary question about this nightmare of a shower we live with! Any insight would be appreciated. Sympathy is nice too.

    We have a fiberglass shower stall on the second story of the house. The drain sits higher than the floor of the shower leaving a constant puddle, even when it isn't leaking. So I hate it!

    My husband, alloverlajolla, just informed me that the previous owners had a leak so they put a piece of pipe in the drain. I have no idea how that fixed anything. Well, he filled the gap with rope and silicone and plumber's putty!!

    I can't seem to get anyone to fix this. Plumbers come out and say they'll get back to me but they never do. The remodeling guys get carried away and want to redo the whole bathroom.

    So my first question is Can anyone imagine why they put the pipe in the drain in the first place?
  • Jul 23, 2006, 02:26 PM
    Hi, this is the husband here and I have a few annotations to add.

    This link within askmehelpdesk seems to be similar to ours.

    My wife is frustrated because the inner PVC pipe sticks up slightly above the drain causing water to pool. This setup worked initially but shortly after we moved into the house it began leaking again. I then stuffed the gap with hemp and silicon caulk and plumbers putty. This held for 10 years with no leaks. I always thought the pooling was a good thing because it meant that the job was holding up. Now it is leaking again and no more pooling.

    If I pull out the second pipe and remove the drain without cutting through the ceiling underneath, can I use this product to fix the problem?


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