Hi. I have recently moved into a new house. A little while after moving in, I noticed the kitchen sink and dishwasher are backing up into the bathtub after I do dishes. There are small food particles and all. I called a licensed plumber twice and they snaked the drain, but the problem keeps coming back. I can not afford to have them keep coming back in the problem isn't fixed.
Now, the bathtub is backs up every time we use it. We have to bucket it out the window so the next person can shower. We have tried snaking it but it doesn't help. We put in some crystals and it helped for about a week but the problem came back.
When I go downstairs and open up the pipe there is standing water in there from the ground up. I tried putting a snake down there, but it will not go past a certain point. No trees are around my house, so I don't think that's a problem.

Help! Anyone have any suggestions!