Hi There!

I have a 2nd floor fiberglass shower.

The drain was leaking.

I cut a hole through the ceiling.

It's a 2 inch brass drain with a compression fitting.

I got the old drain out OK.

Bought a new Sioux Chief replacement drain.

My questions are a follows:

Isn't there a tool I can obtain to take out the compression nut that sits over the compression washer instead of crossing 2 screwdrivers to unloosen the
Compression nut? If there is what is it's name and where can I get one.
Menards and Home Depot do not have one.

When I put in the new drain how tight do I tighten the compression nut
Over the compression washer?

Also when I tighten the slip nut on the underside of the drain to the underside
Of the shower there is about a 4 inch circle cut around the drain as the shower
Base sits on top of 3/4 inch plywood to ensure the shower floor is sturdy and level.
Isn't there an offset slip nut wrench you can get bigger than 2 inches to actually fit
Snugly around the slip nut so it is easily removed. Once again the largest wrench
I could find was 2 inches so when I tried to grab the slip nut because it wasn't offset
It wouldn't grab it.

I got lucky and was able to latch on to one of the teats with a vise grip and
With the 2 screw drivers it all came off.

Any help or information given would be appreciated.


David Nars