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  • Jan 2, 2007, 02:37 PM
    Basement toilet bubbles when upstairs toilet is flushed and washer drains.

    Just recently (last few days) my toilet in the basement bathroom has begun to bubble. This is caused when one of the upstairs toilets (directly above it) flushes but not another one upstairs. It also bubbles quite rapidly when the clothes washer drains. The washer is located in the basement very near and behind the offending toilet.

    I have read this site for similar problems but wanted to see what the experts had to say about my problem before I call in my Home Warranty to hopefully remedy it. I am on a septic tank, and it was pumped out approximately 8 months ago (May of '06). I have a 4 bedroom home, and there are two adults, one teen and one infant in our family. I figure we use more water than most similar families but I don't think the tank would be full already.

    If the problem is a drain line could you help me understand how that system works so I can be educated when the plumber shows up? Many thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your reply.
  • Jan 3, 2007, 05:39 AM
    The first thing we do is open up the cleanout to be sure that the drain field's operating and the septic tank's not loaded up. If the tanks clear we then snake the roof vent either from the washer roof vent or the vent that services the toilet that's bubbling. We put out enough cable to reach the base and 20 feet more. Good luck, Tom

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