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  • Jul 2, 2012, 10:29 PM
    Hurt my left knee playing soccer
    About 8 weeks ago I hurt my left knee playing soccer. I am a goal keeper in a women’s team. I did a slide tackle to save the goal. I ran a fair distance and slid into the attacker with my right leg under my left. I felt pain instantly and the pain seemed to have travelled down my calf a bit. I kept playing. I couldn’t put too much pressure on my left leg though. I also could not kick the ball off the ground, but could still kick when I dropped the ball on to my foot (I am left footed). The next few days I was still in pain and walked with a limp. I could not straighten my leg when sitting without it hurting, and standing up after sitting for long periods caused pain in my knee. I played soccer again the following week. I could not kick the ball off the ground at all and I had to be carried off the field half way through the game because of the pain I felt when I went down on my right knee at a 90degree angle. The next day I was walking fine and went to the doctor. He thought I had either torn or strained my LCL. He was going to wait a week until he sent me for scans. The following week I played soccer again, this time I was careful. There was still pain though. The next day I went and saw my physiotherapist. He said my left hamstring was weak (I have since strengthened it) and he did not say anything about my LCL. I have continued to see the physiotherapist and have continued playing soccer. When I am playing soccer, my knee hurts most when I slide tackle to save a goal. I usually cannot move that knee for a short period. My knee will hover over the ground because the pressure of putting it down on the ground hurts. At home and just in general, I am walking fine, I can walk up and down stairs fine, but when I am lying down and cross my left leg over my right leg I will get pain after some time. Twisting my leg particular ways also hurts. The pain is short and sharp. My leg feels stiff afterwards too, but not for long. I am not sure what is wrong and I am confused as to what I should be doing. The physiotherapist has given me strengthening exercises and I am currently just following through with those, but I do not feel as though they are helping. I guess I just want to try confirm what it is I may have done and what it is I should do.

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