My little story... sorry about being boring:
I was on the phone, turned around and slipped on a puddle of water on the hard concrete floor at work. I slipped so fast, my legs came right out from under me, I have never fallen so fast and hard in my life. I thought at first I broke my wrist trying to stop my fall on the counter. I called my boss, told her I would fill out an accident form and see how my wrist was in the morning and head to to doctor if needed.
Morning came, swelling was down in my wrist and it was just bruised. BUT, I couldn't get out of bed, my left hip/side/buttock hurt so bad, I almost could not move or walk. Called my normal doctor, she of course prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. After two more days having to go through really horrible pain at work, I left early both days. Third day, workmans comp sets in. Pain is so bad they say physical therapy a week later. I went through the MRI and X-rays... nothing significant shows.
7 weeks of physical therapy later (making me much stronger and some pain has gone away) I am at my wits end. I am just wondering if anyone else has gone through this Lumbar crap and hip joint stuff? I am wondering how long it took to feel 100%. OR if anyone has any tips on what I may be able to do as in maybe go to a specialist or something? I am just tired of wasting time, I need to get my body to move without pain again! Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice!