I only have one daughter, 36 years old, and she treats me as if she depises me. She knows I don't approve of her life style of internet boyfriends and drinking, but I try to avoid speaking of it. I live a Christian life, raised her in church, and though I never ask her about her personal life, she seems to take great pleasure in giving me all the details anyway. It breaks my heart to have to listen, so I've asked her not to tell me anymore.

She reprimands me often, and I'm intimidated by her. I go home and cry to my husband, but I can't speak up to her. She put a damper on the past year's holidays by being so rude and aggressive with me at our get-togethers that I dread this year's holidays.
If it weren't for my two grandchildren, I think I could learn to live my life without her. But I love those kids so much it hurts to think of not being a part of their lives.

Because my husband provided well for us, I was able to stay home while my daughter was growing up. I was my daughter's room mother, Girl Scout leader, and her best friend. I was always there for her, and the only accusation she can come up with about her raising was that I was too strict in not letting her have more freedom. She may be right, but I did what I felt was best for her. She left our home with a good reputation, so I felt I did my job.

No one in my life has treated me as cruelly as my own daughter, so I've totally taken her out of my will and given her share to my grandchildren. I'm sure my life has been shortened by the stress she continually keeps me under, so I don't want her to profit from my death.

Am I the only mother who has been rejected by her daughter?