I am a single parent of a 17 year old boy who is very disrespectful and will not obey my rules. I constantly have to argue with him about taking the trash out or mowing the grass. He is always asking for money and doesn't want to do anything for it. He is a junior in school and has only 8 credits and it takes 42 to graduate, I don't think he is going to make it. He has been cutting classes and recently was placed in study halls, then they just decided to have him go to school half day and send him home after fourth period with the intention of getting him signed up for online classes to take at home sometime next week. Anytime I try to discuss this with him, he gets upset and says I am trying to call him stupid or a loser, etc... He starts crying and makes comments such as I don't love him and all I care about is myself. At this point in his life, all he cares about is hanging out with his friends and skateboarding. Every time I ground him, I come home from work to find him not home and he won't answer his cell phone, then he strolls in close to bedtime 9:00. He does not want to go to his fathers house every other weekend, because he would rather hang with his friends. He is also using marijuana. I am really concerned about the future of my son. I am also going insane trying to deal with him. I have went as far as whipping him tonight with the belt. I am at my witts end and don't know what to do anymore. Is there help in Indiana for me? Do you think I should take him to a psychiatrist? Any suggestions would be appreciated.