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    Sep 12, 2013, 04:43 AM
    The ears can make humans hear many tones and whispers, even if it's there or not... the brain programs and stores sounds, images and emotions from our past and possibly sometimes play a flashback role in our futures and may sync into the here and now, sometimes startles us... we all have our encounters with casper the friendly ghost, and it all depends on how we take in the experience...
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    Dec 10, 2014, 03:00 PM
    Same thing, the snoring ghosts, has happened to me twice in my life. Not just snoring, but other sounds associated to a rather large man sleeping. I heard it for about 10 minutes each time. Never from my bed though, just a meter outside my bed, mid-air. An interesting thing is that it seemed to be the same person (I recognized the manner of snoring if you know what I mean... ). Which is some what odd because first time I heard it was in Ecuador in a small village up in the Andes, and the second time was in Sweden in an apartment. The second time I was in bed next to my girlfriend at the time. I thought she was sleeping, but a couple of minutes into the snoring session, she whispered to me "can you hear this too?". So that was kind of reassuring that it wasn't just me going mental.

    Haven't thought to Google it until 10 minutes ago. I'm glad more people have heard them. I noticed someone else mentioned that it was a man snoring. Has anyone heard a woman snoring? To me it sounded like a heavy set man, but I imagine there would be all kinds of invisible snorers out there.

    I've never really thought it was a ghost though. I can't quite see why anyone would come back from the dead with the sole purpose of snoring. Seems like a strange thing to do as a ghost, but what do I know... There may be an explanation in an old nordic folk lore: We used to call them "Vittra" or "The Grey People" or "The those who are hidden". They look like us, only often wearing older clothing. They live just like us in the same time only in another dimension. Some humans can see Vittra and some Vittra can see humans and so has it been throughout the times. I've never paid much notice to these old tales, but this snoring incident has made me wonder. Maybe I just happened to overhear another dimension for a brief period. The one thing that doesent make sense though is why I hear the same man (if indeed it was the same man) on two different sides of the earth. I hardly think I have a Vittra traveling about with me. From what I gather from the stories, that's really not their style.

    Anyway, last time I heard him with my Ex girlfriend I had the courage to say a short "Hello?" The snoring stopped immediately and has not returned since.
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    Dec 10, 2014, 07:25 PM
    While spirits can make any noise they want, no they do not sleep or snore. Guardian Angels would never do anything like this, since they do not produce any fear or uneasy feelings in people.

    I also, will go with a real life reason, and not spirits or ghosts but subconsciousness or other vibrations and noises that are being heard as such.

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