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    Why does my bunny charge at me?

    Asked Feb 24, 2012, 08:04 PM 20 Answers
    My bunny is a year old. He is not good around people, because when he was younger we had to handle him a lot to give him medicine. He is fine around me, but when my mom gets in the play area with us. Or when she feeds him he charges at her and grunts. Today he was hanging out with me and my mom came in the play area and he charged at her and then he came to me for comfort. I thought he was fine so I lowered my face to his level (but nowhere near his face) and he charged at my face. I'm not sure but maybe he know the tension between my mom and me and maybe he is acting on it. But why is he charging and running away from me. He used to lie with his feet out and be happy, but the last few months he doesn't really want me to pet him and he is kind of acting mean. What do I do?

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    20 Answers
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    Feb 24, 2012, 10:14 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by kstaylor921 View Post
    thank you
    You're welcome.

    He looks very happy in that picture.

    When a rabbit is content and happy they lay exactly like he is. Just sort of flopped. In fact, they'll jump around racing like a little bullet, then suddenly just flop to their side. It's a sign that they're happy and feel secure. :)

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