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  • Jan 9, 2007, 06:06 PM
    Cell Phone Crash Coarse Needed
    Hi All,
    I need to know all about cellphones. I think we use gsm 850 and 1800 in the USA. Does this mean I can use one of those great new high end cellphones I see on eBay like the Nokia n90,91,92,93,95 and the 8800's? What does it mean when it says the phone is unlocked? Can you unlock a locked phone? I called some of the big service providers and they were all like if it's not on our website we can't program it for our service but I know a few guys that have high end phones. If there's anybody out there who can answer some of my questions or knows a good web site that can explain this I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks,
  • Jan 9, 2007, 07:47 PM
    Well, I brought Nokia 8800 with me from UK to Canada and it's working fine. Unlocking means that you can use it with any Telephone company. It it's not unlocked, then the phone can only be used with the company that one buy it from. Also, don't worry, people can unlock your phone for about $10 to $30. If you buy the cell phone with it's USB cable, then you don't have to pay to unlock it. You can download the unlockers from many web sites.

    Furthermore, all those models will work in North America. You can check it here Nokia Mobile Phones for the USA. Don't worry, even the ones that are not listed will work, because I had Nokia 6230i just before Christmas, and it wasn't listed in the Nokia North American, but it was working perfectly. Also, Cell Phone companies almost, make their phones operate at the same GSM Frequencies.

    Note: I'm currently using Nokia 8800 but I find it very difficult to write text, search for contacts, and play games. So keep that in mind, because I miss my 6230i a lot. Of course the 8800 looks nice, specially the black one that I have, but it doesn't offer any comfort. Just my experience. Good luck.

    Peace be with you

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