Hello my name is Grant and I am 14 years old. About 5 days ago I was playing basketball and got punched in the throat. After I got hit it hurt really bad, but started feeling better. Now it is still hurting somewhat and whenever I eat or drink something I am getting gas and it is making my stomach hurt. I can feel a sharp painful air pocket in my throat every time I swallow then I get gas. It also sometimes feels like the food gets stuck in my throat too. What really worries me is why I keep swallowing air whenever I eat something or drink something. I am worried that something in my throat is not right but I do not know. Also mucus keeps globing up in the back of my throat and when I swallow it feels like it is still there and I have to swallow again. I have not gone to any doctors yet, but still I am super worried that there is now something wrong with my throat because it got hit and that is why I keep swallowing air. Can you please tell me what you think I should do hearing from what I have told you please please answer me I am so worried and scared and upset. Please help!