We just had two new neighbors move into the two houses next door to us. Between the two of them, they have six dogs (they bark continuously). Because of a severe health problem, I asked them if they could quiet down the dogs. (Now I wish I never would have said anything). Anyway, when I go to sleep at night they shoot, I assume a bb gun at my windows, they leave the dogs out purposely whenever any of my family or myself go outside, they have other people in the neighbor walk their dogs by our house and crap in our yard, etc. The one neighbor, has a partition on the back of their home, with mini-blinds all the way around it, and they watch my every move from there. I keep telling my parents what is going on, but my father thinks it is all in my head. Even after they have egged my vehicle three times, and he has seen it. He has also seen the dog do, in our yard many times. My father refuses to let me call the police. I am really starting to feel un-safe in our home now. When this first started, me and my father argued over this terrible, and he through me out of his home. I had no where to go, and went to a friend and borrowed some money, and eventually got my own apartment. Unfortunately, the apartment caught fire, and I received 3rd degree burns over 50% of my body. I had to move back home with my parents. Now the feud has escalated! Especially over the weekends. There is a lot to this story, which has been going on for over three years now, and is getting scary. I owned a dog of my own for over 16 years, I am a dog lover myself. Like I said the only reason I even said anything is because I am gravely ill. This problem with the neighbor is really getting out of control. What do I do? It is really causing my health to go down hill quick. Before these two sets of people moved in, everyone in our neighborhood got along great, now it is a living hell around here. If my parents even find out that I'm discussing this with anyone, I fear my father will tell me to get out again.