I would like to think of myself as an easy going, fun person. However, there is one lady that can change all that. My mother in law. She is an overbearing woman, who intentionally does and says things that are cruel. My husband just had knee surgery on Monday. It was a rather simple surgery (thanks for the guidance J-9) and he had it as an out patient so he has been recovering at home. Which of course means that she is there... maybe not all the time, but MOST of the time. She expects to be waited on hand and foot, for example, I had made my husband and I some lunch, nothing fancy, but not enough for three people. What does she do? She sits down with my husband and eats my lunch. I was shocked... my husband says, Mom that is H's lunch. Did that stop her NOOOOOOOOOOO she ate my lunch, and then left her dish at the table and got up and went to watch soap operas in my den. My husband again tried to tell her that she ate my lunch, her retort... H can find something else!!

That is just one example. And the worst part is that my husband tries to stick up for me, but she just does not care. They have even gone without talking for a few weeks because of things that she has said and done to me. I want them to have a relationship, and heck I would love to have a nice relationship with her. But, I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? What can I do?