I'm trying to remember a movie I saw on late night cable maybe eight years ago. A female detective is concerned because her fellow cop has disappeared after having gone undercover. Her boss won't support her, so she leaves the force to try to find her friend on her own. She gets involved with an extortion ring. They hold a high-stakes poker game every night. The winner of the game gets to spend the night with his choice of one of the hostesses who serve drinks during the game. The game is rigged to make sure the victim wins. Then they secretly videotape the sex to use to extort even more money later. Meanwhile our detective is pretending to be one of the hostesses and is sleeping with the winners because they pick her as she is the hottest girl. One afternoon one of the bad guys forces himself on our girl because she won't have anything to do with him. Meanwhile back at the police department the girl's boss goes undercover to find her. He ends up in the poker game and they end up in bed but can't talk to each other because they know the whole thing is being watched. I don't remember how it ends. What is the name of this movie? I remember the main detective has dark hair, and I think she may be Asian. I really want to find out who she was. Thanks.