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  • Sep 7, 2017, 10:29 AM
    Need help! Life is being so harsh on me..
    Hi there, I am from India. I've complete engineering in civil branch in 2016, Right now I'm unemployed and I got a few job offers but they were unrelated to my field of study and were not good that's why I didn't join them.. Since then I'm preparing for government jobs and simultaneously apply for other private jobs but All I get is failure... I'm frustrated.. I've big dreams to fulfill and nothing is happening and these days every single thing is testing my patience nothing good is happening to me.. I recently had a break up with the boy I was with for 4 years and I still love him.. and these days don't know what is happening my expense is increasing too much I'm very stressed.. I want to run away from everything... I just want a good job away from my hometown I want to get away from everything and that's it I want a new life.. Can someone help can someone clean the kind of mess My life has become? This is the most difficult time of my Life till now... I want to live a carefree life... I want to be free from everything.
  • Sep 7, 2017, 12:43 PM
    Hello guy, I feel your pain, but must suggest you wrap your head around getting a job period, just to get you started. You cannot just step into a good job without EXPERIENCE fresh from school. You have to get your foot in the door of life in order to build a life. It may not be what you were trained for, or dreamed about, but a few bucks may give you independence, while you continue to seek better job offers.

    It's just the reality of life to start at the bottom of the heap and work your way up to better things. A dollars is always better than nothing, and a little work never hurt anyone. So why run away to NOTHING, with nothing, when you can at least feed yourself as you find that dream job.

    It usually takes MANY years, so get started now. Tell me friend how did you make it through school with no job? Who helped you? Who fed and clothed you? Who sheltered you?
  • Sep 8, 2017, 04:38 AM
    I agree with talaniman... you said you had several job offers, you turned down, yet complain you are unemployed and your expenses are becoming unbearable.

    This is a problem you are creating for yourself. You had several offers and complain they aren't good enough for you.

    So? You do what the rest of the world does... take what job you can get so you can pay your bills now. Indentured servitude doesn't exist in the world today. You take what job you can find now... gain experience, and continue to look for something better. Or you can sit around unemployed wallowing in self pity, while every day you become less employable, and someone else takes the jobs that are available.

    Facts of your situation... zero experience... the longer you remain unemployed the more you forget from school, and the more prospective employers will wonder WHY you remain unemployed, making many of them hesitant to hire you.

    Life isn't fair. Its never been fair, and it never will be fair. Ever hear the term survival of the fittest? You need to learn to take responsibility for your life, and your career. If you sit back and wait for someone to hand something great to you, you will be waiting a very, very long time, because its just not going to happen.

    Those really good jobs want experience (because schools really do NOT teach you everything you need to know, they just give you the basic knowledge you need to have to learn the real jobs once you have them)... the only way you get experience is working.
  • Sep 10, 2017, 09:20 AM
    My parents used to bear my expenses and till today I am dependent on them
  • Sep 10, 2017, 09:40 AM
    Take the best job you can find NOW... get experience, and a paycheck to pay your bills. You can always find a better job later even while still working this one. At least you will have a job and a paycheck. That's what smart people do.
  • Sep 10, 2017, 09:52 AM
    Thank you :) I've already started applying to the jobs and scheduling the interviews! I hope I'll get one soon... Thank you for taking out time to reply

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