This is a long and strange dream so be patient but, I guarantee you'll have fun with it. This dream has several movements so bare with me, they all came in succession.

Phase 1-
I'm the son of a wealthy arab woman. She dotes on my quite heavily, seems I'm her favorite son. In a few days, I'm to be married in a few days. To celebrate we all gather on a large barge. We are going to a sanctuary/ cave that has been carved into the wall of a high rock bluff by the lake/river. We are staying their for a few days to feast and fish. Deep inside the sanctuary/cave there is writing on the very back walls. Later my bride and I seem to argue, the whole family grows to believe I am no there soon then I am killed.

Phase 2-
I'm still in the same cave, and its now the present day. Its become a history exhibit, and its filled with these subway cars that ride deep into the earth. I enter one and its filled with children, some burned, some mutilated, and yet they still walk around in the car. One of the children comes up to me with a straight razor and threatens to cut me. Suddenly I feel a presence in the room. Everything begins to fractalize and spin like a psychedelic trip. There is a face in the dark swirling background, moving in and out and it is made up of the mutilated children and wild colors. It seems malevolent, yet contradictorily it seems to be a protector of these children, some kind of spirit of vengeance. I can't remember exactly what it said to me but it gave off a cheshire cat vibe... This smiley floating face, with a devilish eyes..

Phase 3-
Suddenly there's a dancing Jewish Elvis and christian and muslim backup dancers... They also seem to be telling me something fairly important... can't remember what it was... Like a weird al music vid.

Phase 4-
This is the last part. Im in an auditorium, somehow related to phase 2 and 1. Im called up to the stage to receive a reward and I'm in nothing but my boxers. Everyone laughs at me, and laugh back telling them that I am in my boxers and that I didn't give a damn. I seemed to be having the time of my life. As I'm walking back to the stage, there is something in the audience killing. I wake up before it or he gets to me.

It's a strange and drawn out dream but , when I woke up I wrote down as much as I could remember... Help me out I haven't had a dream like this before in my life