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  • Jan 12, 2010, 01:26 PM
    Yashar ramezani
    I want to about pulmonary artery dilatation
    I want to about pulmonary artery dilatation
    I am 40 years old medical practitioner that nine years ago detected for me a problem in the main pulmonary artery that com in below:
    After preparation artery is examined with nonionic contrast medium and saline chaser injected through IV route and multiple axial,coronal,sagittal images with MIP,MPR and VRT reconstruction reveals ;
    Mild dilatation of main pulmonary artery(38 mm) before bifurcation is noted .Diameter of RPA:23 mm are evaluated.
    Coronary artery sinus vein drains anomalous to sup branch of left pulmonary vein.
    The other finding is normal .
    I want you please explain for me what the outcome this disease and plan of treatment to prevent the enlargement the size of pulmonary artery please send for me to this email : with the best regards Dr IRAJ RAMEZANI
  • Jan 12, 2010, 01:50 PM

    Please don't post your email address. It is dangerous and not allowed. This is a site where the questions are answered here so everyone can learn. Also, we are all volunteers. Please don't keep posting the same question - give us time to answer.

    I don't understand. You are a Physician?

    The person to tell you how to proceed with treatment is your Physician. No one here has your medical records.

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