Hi, Im asking this in behalf of my girlfreind who has felt sick for four days not but not been bringing anything up like you would with a bug.

She is worried she could be pregnant as 2 weeks ago she forgot her pill for two days in a row, and then once more three days after that.

She has now started to feel sick, but not actually been sick, a few times she has brought a little bit up but its not been much, certanly not as much as you do when you have a bug! Food and drink seems to have no effect and she eats normally, Also complains that it hurts or gives her a sicky feeling when pressing on her stomach, With this she has had headaches on and off, but that could well be down to stress.

Also for the past two days there has been a small amount of spotty blood in her discharge, she is approx 1 week away from her period but has she is on the "combined pill" she should not even have a period until she stops taking the pill for 7 days.

Its to early for a pregnancy test at the moment, and from what I have read, it seems a bit early to get these symptoms if she is pregnant... Is there any other things that can cause these symptoms?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks :)