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  • Jun 21, 2007, 04:45 PM
    High Blood Pressure
    I'm a senior citizen, was told in the past month I have High Blood pressure, my medication
    Lisinopril 20mg 2 daily
    Toprol XL 50mg 1 daily


    My pulse rate has come down quite a bit, my Blood pressure has come down a little
    In my limited knowledge, I thought when the heart didn't pump as hard creating a fast pulse rate, my blood pressure would come down more than it has.

    I've been taking medication for a month. About how long will it take to bring blood pressure down to a normal level.

    Thanks for you reply.
  • Jun 21, 2007, 08:07 PM
    The systole (heart compression-or squeeze) and diastole(relaxation of the heart) in other words the Strength or the muscular compressions is loosely related to pulse rate, but it is NOT the determining relationship between heart rate and heart "effort" to push blood through the circulatory system.

    If you have clean veins-the heart requires less energy to send the blood coursing through, this may lower your pulse rate and pressure, however the real situation here is that perhaps your diet needs attention-lower the fat intake-to remedy your unclean vessels.

    Medication helps-of course but it really is a symptomatic fix for the real (and I don't know for sure-obviously, I'm guessing) issue.

    Walking and light progressing to increased physical activity is the long term solution-you HAVE to discuss this with your health professional, though.

    The medication you describe, I can't tell you much about its efficacy, sorry -so the short answer to the second question is I don't know-sorry.

    I just wanted to address the first question-hope I helped a little.

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