Over the long weekend myself, my boyfriend, and several of our friends attended a few barbeques. For the next few days following the last one, four of us developed symptoms that seem to be either a stomach bug or food poisoning. We were leaning towards food poisoning due to the sudden onset of the symptoms (fine one minute, then violently ill the next). So when I developed a stomachache and bad diarrhea yesterday morning, I figured that I was just falling victim to it as well. I stayed hydrated and by today the diarrhea was gone. However, I am left with abdominal pain that won't go away. Normally I would think nothing of it since I was sick just yesterday. But what makes me slightly nervous is the fact that the pain is only around the belly button and on the lower right side. I know that it was definitely either a stomach bug or food poisoning since others around me were sick with similar symptoms too. But can something like food poisoning lead to appendicitis? Should I be worried, or should I just assume that these are pains associated with being sick and that it is pure coincidence where they are located?