I'm really needing some thoughts, input, advice... anything on this decision I'm trying to make.

I have met this 20 year old girl from the Philippines and we really like each other. She says love, but I say we need to meet first. She agrees we need to meet. A good idea?

I'm a 26 year old from the US and we met on a sexcam site. Pretty embarrassing, but I joined and then saw her online that day and was just taken away by her beauty. On these sites you buy credits to take the girls into private shows where they do what you want.

Well I bought credits and took her into a private show and we just continued to chat. I came back the next day to talk more. For a few hours again. She gave me her Yahoo messenger name after that.

Now we talk online every day. Sometimes quite a few hours at once. This is all while she is at work. No computer at home. We both have webcams and use them all the time to see each other. We have exchanged phone numbers, address and she tried to call me the other day. Expensive for her to call or text, but I tried to call her back, which is what she asked, but my phone doesn't do international.

Ok, sorry this is wordy, I know. Since we met, her birthday came, so I sent money for a cell phone, plus some extra. Then she bought two phones! What ever. Now one is cracked and she gave to her sister, And the other is lost from something that happened on her birthday. Ill spare the details.

Well, she really want another phone. This is kind of sounding like a scam to me. Anyway, She tells me about her medical problems and the high cost of meds, but never ask for money for that. She only wants a cheap 60 phone.

Think this is a legit thing? And, Ive met online on webcam, someone who is supposedly her best friend from 5 years old, also her older sister Ive met on webcam. Ive chatted to another friend w/o a cam.

This girl has told me stuff about how poor the family is. When she was young her house did not have a door she told me. She really hasn't asked for much and has told me so much about herself. She says she is a virgin and is waiting for marriage. Possibly not the best thing to say to get a 26 year old to come visit you.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go meet this girl real soon. We joke about marriage and stuff like that. I really like her and she seems to love me. I'm thinking I'm going to take a month off and go rent an apartment in Angeles City. 20 minutes from her home. She says she will be at my side the whole time and wants to stay at the apartment. I think this apartment will be like luxury to her. We have plans to do many different things while I'm there. If I visit.

On the cam site, many times, I see her come in the next day in the same clothes as the day before and then she is changed after she gets there. Like she uses clothes provided by her job. She seems real legit to me. Am I being blinded by what seems to me could be love?

Also, While she is at work she hardly gets any customers, she basically ignores them while chatting to me. I try to get her to work harder and maybe show off her body some. She just keeps her clothes on while the other girls at the very least get down to panties and bra. You know?

What's everyone feelings on this? A good idea to meet her? She seems amazing.

BTW, I choose the Marriage category because I've seen a Q on the Philippines here already and I really would like to marry this girl if she is what she says she is.