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  • Oct 8, 2007, 01:26 PM
    Is Kge[[karat gold electroplate]]Fake?
    Well I want to know something..?
    Ok so is Karat gold electroplate fake?
    My Boyfriend bought me this ring tha tlooks really nice but I want to know if it is fake it says on the inside..
  • Oct 12, 2007, 07:54 AM
    Gold electroplating doesn't mean fake gold; it just means it isn't gold all the way through.

    The way electroplating works is that you have a base metal (maybe copper or brass) and then you electrically charge the piece, the flakes and a solution that both sit in. Then the flakes miraculously become attached to the outside of the base metal.

    If the plating is done well, you shouldn't have any problems. Sometimes though, if you wear the piece a lot, the plating will wear away, leaving the base metal underneath. If it was treated correctly, you shouldn't have any problems, but just be aware that if the base metal is copper and the plating rubs away, your skin that's incontact with the copper could turn a little green. It's not unhealthy or anything, so don't worry.

    I'm sorry if you're disappointed that the ring isn't solid gold, BUT don't devalue the ring. He bought it for you, with you in mind and love him more than you love if the ring is solid gold or not.

    Have fun!
  • Oct 17, 2007, 10:46 AM
    From detector75

    In a way gold plated or gold electroplated jewelry or coins is fake. Unless lots of pure or
    Fine gold in used in the bonding process. For the gold to stay bonded to the base metal
    Otherwise with continue wearing the pure gold metal component will fade away.

    Because pure gold is a softer metal than tin, iron, copper, zinc, silver and other metals
    Used as a base metal to bond with the pure gold to make stronger, tougher and durable to last. Lots of gold will have to be layered on. The base metal is sandwich between layers of pure gold.

    If, you continue to wear any type of gold plated or gold electroplated jewelry and its begins to fade over a few years. Base metals like indium added can turn gold purple.
    Copper added can turn gold red, silver added would turn gold green, nickel added can turn gold into a bleaching color or begin to whiten if, nickel and palladium or palladium is added.

    Unless you are buying jewelry that states 24 karat gold layered for your pieces gold color
    To last and not fade over the years. So, you might have to avoid any gold filled or gold plated jewelry. Also, the same for silver plated and silver filled.

    Like if, copper is used as a base metal for example its is bonded with thinner ingots of gold
    And layered over, then cooled by rolling until a thinner gauge metal or thinner gold layering is achieved. Next, die strucking the layered material for plating to hide the edges or bonding construction from being revealed for gold plated jewelry which use
    14 karat and in gold filled jewelry 12 karat thinner layer is used.

    If, more gold is used in electroplated jewelry you will see HEP stamped on stands
    For Heavy Electroplated lots of gold is used to strengthen the metal.

    I hope you enjoy the information and always check to see how much gold is used in
    Jewelry piece or coin before purchase.

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