I recently purchased a single story home in FL. The layout of the home has the washer & dryer in the hallway. It's a narrow hallway and a small laundry space. The space really isn't conducive for a family with lots of laundry. I was considering moving the washer & dryer to the garage. The garage is right off the kitchen and would be easier to access. The garage also has a raised platform area that the washer & dryer could rest on that doesn't take away from the car slab space. But the garage is too small for a car (perhaps a mini cooper) so its basically a storage area. I am trying to determine if this is a good idea, how much it might cost and do you think there would be any issues with resell value. It's a small, cookie cutter house, so I wanted to use the current laundry space as a computer/office space to free up bedroom space. Please let me know your thoughts.