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    Apr 25, 2015, 05:48 AM
    I don't think you are greedy at all, just unfamiliar with the process. You have made a few mistakes from moving the car, to expecting replacement value. You original question is,

    Do insurance companys sue individuals?
    Of course they do, all the time to recoup losses over any payouts, but then you went this way,

    We decided to just collect on my collision policy since it doesn't seem that they can investigate this very quickly. They were still investigating Tuesday. I would like to sue the kid for my deductible. I was wondering if my insurance company would do that for me? They said at the beginning before any investigating started that, they would reimburse my $1000 when they collected if I went with my own policy.
    That is entirely the domain of the insurance company and that could be well down the line, months or years, depending on the courts and who is sued. So you may as well relax and let them do what they do, and stop expecting instant results, or quick firm answers. There are none and its less confusing that way, since no one, not even you can predict the outcome of this mess, or calculate all the costs because of it until its done, you have gotten a new vehicle, and a NEW insurance premium.

    Accidents are traumatic life changing events and a big hassle, so just be glad to be alive and be patient with the process, and my only advice here is try not to worry, or act against your own interests because of it (like changing junk yards?? ), or mitigating the costs of the other parties actions. He did cause all of this and cannot get off scot free can he?

    Wait until the final bill or settlement has been reached, then decide what's fair and what's NOT. Waiting is the hard part, nerve racking and confusing. Even a lawyer will tell you to wait and see. Just ask one if you really need to know.

    My own experience has been it takes years for the dust to finally settle. And I doubt you can wait that long to get a new vehicle. Thats all that everyone else has been trying to tell you. Keep it real.

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