haven't been here for a while, but once again, I need your help. I installed a Broan (Nordyne) KG7TC120D-45D in the fall of 2010. Tonight, my customer called with a no heat complaint. The inducer starts up on a call for heat, and then shuts down in apx. 20 seconds, with no ignition trials. The red light goes out, and I am left with a steady green light, indicating "motor trouble". So I go the the motor control board, which has a red & green light. Both lights are on steady on the call for heat, but after apx. 20 seconds, the red light starts blinking with the green light remaining steady. I get no blower activity at all. Also, the blower does not come on with the thermostat fan switch in the "on" position. I replaced the main control board, just because it was the only part I had on the truck, but as i suspected, it made no difference in the performance. I was getting 120 volts from the primary control board, and no limits (the single blue wire connected to the motor control board0 were open. My questions are, does anybody know how to interpret the fault codes on the blower control board (I could find no legend for them) & what is probably wrong? Thanks

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