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    Nov 3, 2007, 04:40 PM
    How to wire thermostat
    I need to know how to wire it if I only have just a few wires. Should I use the instructions that came with it?

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6 wire AC/Heater to 5 Wire thermostat [ 4 Answers ]

Hi, I have a Coleman BRCS0301BB AC and a gas based heting unit. I see 6 wires coming up to the thermosat - Red Blue White Yellow Green Brown

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Everything I look at indicates a white and red wire for the connecting wires. Our thermostat is probably original to our home (1943). It has two wires. It is difficult to tell but it looks like one is a white wire and the other is black. I've tried looking on the internet for some info however...

Installing New Thermostat from 6 wire to 5 wire [ 2 Answers ]

I'm installing a new 5 wire progammable Hunter Thermostat. I have all but one of my wires accounted for. I RH and RC jumped together with R, W2 to W, Y to Y, and G to G. I do not need the "C" common blue wire as the new unit is battery operated, so I have this wire taped off. I have an orange...

5-wire thermostat - LOST a few wire labels. HELP! [ 2 Answers ]

I am installing a programmable thermostat (upgrading from a previous programmable that wasn't to our liking. When taking the old thermostat off, I noticed 4 of the 5 wires were labelled. That's a good thing. HOWEVER, when I took the old baseplate off, 2 of the labels fell off (not sure from...

Wiring a 2 wire thermostat to a 4 wire system [ 1 Answers ]

I have a gas furnace equipped with central air.The compressor is shot in the AC unit,and I needed to replace the thermostat so I bought a heating only thermostat.I have the blower and the w wires together on the w terminal designation and the rh on the r terminal designation, and I have the y wire...

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