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  • Nov 4, 2008, 12:21 PM
    Need codes for Edge thermostat heat pump carrier
    I have a Carrier heat pump, comfort series that was installed five months ago. I want to confirm the settings in the thermostat are correct.

    The stat is EDGE programmable thermostat

    I don't want the owner's manual codes, but the one the dealer uses by holding on the fan button and getting codes on the bottom right coner.

    I tried calling the dealer, but they are to busy to verify the stat. I already had one issue that the dealer walked me through over the phone. I changed code 8

    I just want to verify all codes are correct because I had one issue already.
  • Nov 4, 2008, 01:21 PM

    I've got a manual that talks interchangeably about the Performance Series and Edge Series. Here's the configuration options it lists:

    Option 01 — Equipment Type
    Option 02 — Clean Filter Timer Adjustment
    Option 03* — Fahrenheit/Centigrade Selection
    Option 04 — Fan (G) on with W/W1 Selection
    Option 05 — Room Air Temperature Sensing (programmable models only)
    Option 06 — Cooling Lockout Below 55_F Selection (only available if outdoor air sensor is present)
    Option 07 — Zoning
    Option 08 — Auxiliary Heat Lockout Temperature Setting (only available when heat pump is used and when outdoor air temperature sensor is present)
    Option 09 — Heat Pump Lockout Temperature
    Option 10 — Reversing Valve
    Option 11 — Adjustable Setpoint Deadband (not available on heat only and cool only systems)
    Option 12 — Smart Recovery (programmable models only)
    Option 13 — Room Temperature Offset Adjustment
    Option 14 — Humidity Offset Adjustment
    Option 15 — Enable Auto Mode
    Option 16 — Cycles Per Hour
    Option 17 — Time Between Stages
    Option 18* — Backlight Configuration
    Option 19 — Dry Contact
    Option 20 — Outdoor Air Temperature Offset Adjustment
    Option 21* — Keypad Lockout
    Option 22 — High Cool Latch Temperature
    Option 23 — High Heat Latch Temperature
    Option 24* — Programmable/Non--Programmable (programmable models only)
    Option 25* — Number of Programmable Periods per Day (programmable models only)
    Option 26 — Minimum Cooling Setpoint
    Option 27 — Maximum heating Setpoint
    Option 28 — UV Light Reminder
    Option 29 — Humidifier Pad Reminder
    Option 30* — Programmable Fan (programmable models only)
    Option 31* — Daylight Savings Time Configuration (programmable models only)
    Option 32 — Furnace Heat Staging
    Option 33 — Single or Two--Piece Installation
    Option 99 — Reset to Factory Defaults

    Do any of these jive with how you are setup?
  • Nov 20, 2008, 07:42 AM

    What would I set Option 08 — Auxiliary Heat Lockout Temperature Setting at. -3,-6,-9,-12

    I just want to make sure that everything is set correctly.
  • Nov 20, 2008, 08:01 AM

    Manual says:

    Code :

    Option 08 —Auxiliary Heat Lockout Temperature
    This selection is available on heat pump systems with a valid outdoor
    temperature sensor connected. Available settings are: Off, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,
    35, 40, 45, 50, 55.
    OF (off) -- function is disabled. Auxiliary heat is allowed to operate whenever
    sufficient demand for heat is available.
    5--55_F -- Outdoor temperature above which the auxiliary heat is not allowed to
    operate (unless MODE is set to Emergency Heat).
    Default is OF (off).

    Essentially what this will do is not bring on EM/Aux heat no matter how much you increase the temp on tstat, if outdoor temp is above this value.

    I would set it to the lowest possible value you HP can satisfy the tstat and you are comfortable at. And also depending if anyone in your household love to mash the increase temp button the minute they get a chill. ;)

    So maybe 30, 35 or 40

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