We built our house in 2000 and siged an agreement with AGWAY to supply us Propane and they agreed to provide us an underground tank for free if we purchase gas from them for (1) year.

AGWAY is no longer in business and was bought out by SUBURBANE PROPANE. When we questioned SUBURBANE about our propane cost we found out we were paying a premium cost which said we did not own our tank. I contacted there manager and he aplogized and promised to reduce our passed invoices and provide us with a new rate.
They have since continued to chage us a higher propane rate and we would like to have another supplier provide us with propane. The suppliers name is Galway Co-Op.

Galway Co-Op will not fill an underground tank unless we can provide owership. I signed a letter which states that I own the tank. SUBURBANE PROPANE says they own the tank.

Who is responsible to remove the 500gl. Underground propane tank and return the site to its existing condition?

I have a copy of our signed agreement with the original supplier AGWAY if it will help!

I am switching Propane Gas suppliers and was under the impression the we owned the 500 gl. Underground tank.