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  • Dec 16, 2007, 11:41 AM
    Remove light red tones from hair? :S
    Okay, so my hair is naturally dark brown (like a dark chestnut.)

    I let my friend dye it using Loreal True Brunettes, and it was supposed to go about 3 shades lighter to a nice brown.

    It turned ORANGE. Light orange. Maybe we left it in too long? I have nooo idea.

    So since this product had some bleach, it would wash out lighter instead of darker? :S

    Then I went to the hair dresser and had a color-correcting thing done. She dyed my hair almost black so that it wouldn't wash out too light.

    But now, almost a month later.. it's washing out light and orange again (not completely but a bit.)

    How can I get my natural hair color back? Or just make the redness go away?

    Also, I would really prefer not to dye it again. But I'm worried if I strip the dye it will only take a way the DARKER dye leaving only the light orange ?
    Thanks :)
  • Dec 17, 2007, 07:48 PM
    If your hair is dark, and want to go 3-4 shades lighter, you would have to lighten your hair with bleach and deposit the desired color. Using a single process or permanent hair color on dark hair may result in a red/orange shade. To tone down the red tones in your hair, use an ash hair color with a green-base. Most store bought ash hair colors doesn't say green or blue base on the box, therefore, opt for a dark ash brown hair color. You can leave the color application on your hair for ten minutes then wash it out, or you can leave it on for the recommended time. If this doesn't work, try using a 10-volume peroxide developer with your selected hair color in equal parts. You will find these at a beauty supply store.

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