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  • Aug 2, 2006, 03:54 PM
    Help! Green hue to hair!
    I had blonde hair, tried to make it not so blonde with an ash colored home hair kit, not so good. Had a green hue afterwards, so I thought a darker ash/neutral blonde would work, nope. Just darker with a green hue. So I got a light golden brown, roots are the right color, but not the rest.I can't afford to go to a salon right now (live in la) what type of hair color should I get to help. I think I read that a color with reddish tone will get that out. But not so sure. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE. Thank you so much.:eek:
  • Aug 2, 2006, 11:56 PM
    Hi Rxpalmtrees,
    Don't know a great deal about hair coloring, I'll defer to the very knowledgeable people on this board. Just wanted to caution you about overtreating. Dyes are very hard on your hair. I know it's difficult, but please try not to color any more, until someone can at least give you a more knowledgeable answer. Just don't want to see you do serious damage to your hair. Though technically, red and green will combine to create brown, your hair's chemistry aside, so that does sound like pretty sound advice.
    Take care. Hope you get a better answer soon. :)
  • Aug 7, 2006, 07:39 PM
    Rxpalmtrees, some brown dyes have a green base in them, which can cause light hair to turn green. Red neutralizes green or ashiness. Try using a reddish toner to get rid of the green, then apply your desired color.

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