Curiosity getting the better of me, I decided to try growing an upside down tomato plant, and being frugal, I made a planter out of a five gallon bucket It isn't as fancy, but why spend $20 if you have the parts?.

It has been outside for two weeks now, and is getting stronger, but there is one thing that I noticed; The main stem/stalk/trunk of the plant has started growing up, and I am assuming that after it sets fruit and they begin to grow, the stalk will grow downwards.

Which leads me to this thought/questions:
If the stalk is growing up, even though it is facing down, are the roots growing down, even though they are facing up?? Sounds almost like a paradox.

Would this add stress to the plant?

I also decided to put it up on an old pool deck, so if it starts to really grow I'll have enough support to just drape, and tie it around the deck.

As an ongoing project I'll update on an irregular schedule, maybe every two weeks.

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