If teen father lives n one state and teen mother and son live in another state what our his options to be involved in his child's life. We helped our son get on both states punitative(sp) father registry before birth of child after we spent many months searching for the mother and her family. With the help of a friend we had a skip trace done. The mother was lets say in a nice way telling my son and us that no matter what their would be no paternity test to be done. I think that is why they moved out of state in middle of night without any warning to anyone didn't even give their landlord any notice. After the skip trace was done we learned a lot about her family that concerns us about our grandson's stable enviroment(sp)especially that fact the family seems to move every 6 months or so ,which is the least of our concern issues that we found out there are other issues of greater concerns that has us worried about his up bringing in that enviroment(Sp). Our problem is we know you will say hire attorney but we don't have the extra funds for that. But my son's heart breaks the first questioned he asked after the confirmation he was the father was when can I see my son and when can I raise my son. Thank you for any input on this matter.