I am fighting with cps, have been for over a year now about getting my son home. Now they are trying to put him and my now 4 month old daughter up for adoption, I live in kitsap county of Washington state. The best thing right now for my children is my mother who has had my children in relative placement for over 9 months with my son and for the last 2 months of my daughters life so far. The first month of life for my daughter after they took her from me in the hospital I wasn't able to see her, I know this to be illegal in this state. But my point is I am now to the point where I am so far down in my mental problems that I am no longer a fit mother for them, but I know that my mother is, my kids are bonded to/with her and I am trying to find out how to do this for them. If anyone has any advice or knows anything that could possibly help me, it would be very appreciated.