My husband and I live in MO. We are married and have three children(two together, one I had in highschool). My husband is the sole provider for our children. He also, has a four year old son that he does not see. The child's mother does not allow us to see him. My husband pays quite a bit in child support, which was ordered when his ex was going to school. She now has a nursing degree and is making a very good living. We have requested that DFS reajust the amount(It has been the mandatory 36 months) we have not heard from them at all. We can not afford a lawyer to force visitation. Plus, she is a very vindictive person and she will bring up all kinds of horrible things in court if we go. The point is that my husband wants to just give up his rights and let her and her boyfriend raise him. BEcause we won't be able to afford to see him for a long while. What do we do to sign over those rights and do we need to contact her first. How do we go about this? Thank you.