I have a 4yr old son that I gave birth to when I was 17 and made the biggest mistake of my life by giving my son the guy's last name and putting him on the birth certificate. I also made the mistake of filing for child support and though he has non- custodial rights he has not been in contact with his son for nearly 2 years and he does anything he can to stay under the radar with the child support and medical support. He works jobs that pay cash, switches jobs and doesn't report them and quits when they start taking out the child support. He is given access to my home phone and address from the attorney generals office and him and his girlfriend call my house and drive by my house harassing me and my family. I want to know how I can get him to sign over his rights and how I can change my son's last name. I am about to get married and my soon to be husband is wanting to adopt my son and we don't think the drama between us and my son's donor are worth it so can I legally terminate his rights or do I have to challenge him in court. I also forgot to mention that he won't voluntarily sign over my son even though he is trying to avoid paying child support... he is very immature and thinks it's a game.